The Fight for Communism


Deep in the harsh Malayan jungle land, brave people in support of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) are fighting against harsh British imperial control and respond to the recent attacks against their supply lines by the Rintangan.  The Rintangan are suspected of being influenced by the British and aim to starve the courageous Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA), who fight against the economic inequality of the people, and the mistreatment of the Chinese minority.  Their greatest desire is the implementation of a communist government for all people to benefit from.

The vicious attack by the Rintangan on CPM supply lines shows just how cruel the opponents of the CPM can be, and the struggle to defend themselves from such actions is admirable.   The fourth wife and Secretary of Mao Zedong, Jiang Ching, said “The attacks of the Rintangan are absolutely abhorrent [and] are very subversive to the Communist Party of Malaya and we will do everything we can to find out the perpetrators of this attack.”  However, there is great suspicion of British involvement, especially from Yeung Kwo, commander of the 1st regiment of the MNLA, who comments that the British are a corrupting influence and will try to subvert the MCP by using the people they are trying to defend against them.

The goal of the MPC is to throw off the constrictive control of the British Empire.  With the help of foreign powers and their own powerful will, the Malayan people will achieve independence and justice for the crimes of the British.  When asking the delegate representing Zhou Enlai, the Premier of the Chinese Communist Party, of the purpose for aiding the Malayan people, she responded that China wish for the Chinese minority to be treated fairly, and that recent actions show that the British, “think of people as money.”  The oppressive rule of the British Empire cannot be overstated as they recently shot and killed 7 students from the Students Against the British Empire and Repression (SABER) while they were peacefully protesting.

The clever representatives of the MCP are devising new ways to fight British control, ranging from booby trapping compromised Kajang tunnels to disguising smugglers as merchant caravans that trade with the British.  These strategies will ensure the war effort can continue if the face of underhanded tactics. One thing that is agreed upon, is the need to increase the power of the MNLA through means such as contacting the USSR for military personnel to train the MNLA in jungle warfare and take the initiative against the British.

Suriani comments that “revolution is struggle and misery” and that only through these troubled times can a true communist nation rise above and give power to the working class.  The British have made Malaya suffer much, but they will come out stronger for it through the process of righteous revolution.


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