Press Corps: Bringing You the Facts You Deserve

By KATIE JONES, The Boston Globe

26 committees. 14 news outlets. 14 reporters all looking for the big scoop of the weekend. We are the Press Corps, and we work to bring live, breaking news via social media and written web stories. With the diverse subject areas that committees hold, reporters from Press Corps work continuously to educate others on the legislation that delegations pass, which ultimately impact international policy.

Over the past four days, Press Corps has covered topics ranging from human trafficking, to the environmental protection of the Artic, to reunification of Italy in 1861. The Press Corps are soldiers when it comes to bringing HNMUN the accurate news and information it deserves.

“It’s been a different experience from normal MUN. You face many obstacles as you go, from moving from room to room, and having to make things in less time,” said Alejandro Cespedes, reporter for the New York Times.

Left: New York Times Reporter Alejandro Cespedes. Right: Fox News Reporter Mitchell McFarlane.

One of the many responsibilities of a Press Corps reporter includes preparing for press conferences in the committees they cover. Reporters spend much of their time reading working papers and draft resolutions, acting as meticulous watchdogs over the content that delegations are producing.

“You have to research a little of every committee. You figure things out as you go, but it’s a lot of reading, and a lot of talking to people. It actually feels very real,” Said Jeremy Holt, reporter for French newspaper, Le Figaro.

Reporter Jeremy Holt, Le Figaro

For some, Press Corps was a way to try out new skills.

“I’m not a journalism major, I actually study Psychology. I’m a total novice, total newbie, so it was fun to learn how to be a journalist, and what they do as a job,” said Vishal Nagda, reporter for the South China Morning Post.

And for others, it was about overcoming personal biases.

“It’s against everything I stand for. I’m standing on the opposite of what I believe in, trying to report facts in a manner that do not reflect my point of view. It’s new to me,” said Mitchell McFarlane, Fox News.

While some may not agree with the opinions of their outlet, Korean Central News Agency Reporter Alexander Meltzer-Werner admits that acting as North Korea’s only news outlet was a little more than just “fun”.

“It forced me to take the worst part of myself and place it center stage, shamelessly,” Meltzer-Werner joked.

Whatever your ideology may be, you can look to the HNMUN Press Corps for all your Model UN news needs.

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