Cavour IV’s Cabinet Splits In Two

BY KATIE JONES, The Boston Globe

It is the spring of 1861. The Kingdom of Italy has something to celebrate. They’ve declared independence, finally accomplishing the daunting task of unifying. Italy now falls under the jurisdiction of King Vittorio Emanuele II, with Camillo Benso, better known as Cavour, serving as Italy’s first Prime Minister. It seems as if Italy has achieved the impossible – for years, the nation struggled, and finally there is peace.

The Sicilians exit Cavour IV’s Cabinet.

Little did they know, this simply would not be the case.

One of the first acts of business for Cavour’s Cabinet was to move the capital from its home base of Turin to the flourishing region of Florence. Why? For some, it was to secure power away from Rome (dominated by France at this time). For others, it is a non-religious sanctuary, with possibilities to pave endless economic opportunities.

This move though, was not all happy news. The Sicilians, feeling left out and disregarded, began to resent Italy’s aristocracy and dominance.

“Second-class citizens quote” said by Giuseppe Sirtori, Commander of the Order of the Italian Military.

The significance of Sicily has a large impact on the general functions of the Italian state. Sicily is an agrarian region of Italy, and accounts for the largest amount of food production. Sicily also holds allegiances to France, which puts Italy in a dangerous situation should any conflicts arise.

As Sicily became more and more disgruntled, a small bloc of individuals formed, looking to force Italy’s hand in granting justice. For Sicilians, that day came today. Sicily officially seceded from Italy, forcing one room to split into two.

The committee has now transitioned into a Joint-Crisis Committee as the tensions between the two powers had become too powerful. As the Sicilians left the room, the Italian cabinet members let out a sigh of relief, finally hoping to unify Italy permanently.

All smiles after the Sicilians leave the room.

Hope continues to grow for the Italians, the Ambassador to Prussia has led the charge in allying Italy and Prussia on the military front. Sicily though, still has French troops occupying and surrounding most of Italy’s borders. It will be a toss-up as to who can walk out on top.

How does Italy plan to get power?

“When we get there, at that point it’s going to be like no mercy, we’re going to brutalize them probably, burn the fields. We have a whole plan to burn the Vatican too, because they’re against us. We’re going to steal all of their stuff too,” said the Ambassador to Prussia.

The Ambassador to Prussia also informed The Boston Globe that Prussia will be invading France to end the conflict once and for all.

Ambassador to Prussia (Middle).

With two states on the brink of war, it will be a fight to the end to see who controls the Mediterranean, and all of its riches.

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