Cap Cares

By VISHAL NAGDA, South China Morning Post

The Kurds inhabit a region that borders on Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Armenia. A population of between 25 to 35 million, they have not yet established themselves as a sovereign state.

The ECOFIN committee in HNMUN 2019 have a focus on both augmenting human capital to reduce the skills gap in the workforce and the economic future of green energy development. Indeed, a major theme that crosses both topics is technology and its impact in the 21st Century, both now and in the coming decades.

As the ECOFIN committee is preparing to submit their draft resolution to the dais, a number of blocs have formed over the last two days and deliberations on whether blocs should merge is ongoing.

One bloc, by the name of Cap Cares, aim to support the Kurdish population in Iraq by helping them grow economically through their population. Additionally, Cap Cares intend to establish a framework of human rights in the country, working hand in hand with the United Nations.

Cap Cares is an independent alliance composed of nations including Serbia, Armenia, Yemen, Oman and Canada.

The focus of the aforementioned bloc is sustainability and long-term planning. Through this, they believe, they can come up with a resolution and solution that is both realistic and effective.


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