Is the Venezuelan Crisis Only in Venezuela?


Discussing possible solutions to mitigate the migrant crisis of Venezuela was one the main focus of the first committee session of the Organization of American States. During a moderated caucus debating the crisis in Venezuela, delegates stressed the need for humanitarian assistance, both in Venezuela and in neighboring countries which are forced to “share the burden.”

Several proposes were made to tackle the issue at hand. Specifically, the Delegation of Canada proposed a system similar to the migration system of the European Union that is implemented during the various humanitarian crisis present in Europe and the Middle East. Similarly, Canada stated that, “We believe that it’s unfair the burden that the neighbors of Venezuela has carried.” The Delegation of Jamaica invites other organizations such as IOM or the UNHCR to help provide ideas and economic support to the Organization of American States to resolve the migrant crisis.

February 14,2019- First Committee Session of The Organization of American States discussing the Venezuelan crisis.

While other delegations stressed the idea to create an efficient migration system in South America, and the need to find support from other Non-governmental organizations, the Delegations of Bolivia and Brazil sought the need to create resource centers to provide food, and shelter as a direct help for these refugees. The Delegation of Brazil also emphasized on this point as he claimed that “Brazil understands what it means to be a neighboring countries of Venezuela. Brazil has allowed work permits and helped to move Venezuelans from northern provinces to major cities such as Rio de Janeiro to give them better opportunities. Second and most importantly is the focus on the resource centers that these refugees are going into based on a two-step solution: immediate help with food and medical aid, and an efficient sanitation system.”

Even though finding a long-term solution to the crisis of Venezuela would be to end its current political turmoil, and economic recession, delegates of the Organization of American States are attempting to foremost restore the political, social, and economic stability of South America. The Organization of American States have taken previous actions to address the situation in Venezuela, however, their efforts have not been enough. It now depends on the creativity of the Member of the OAS to find joint, cohesive long-term and short-term solutions to resolve the Venezuelan crisis.


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