Half of Hubei Invaded by Coordinated Attack

BY VISHAL NAGDA, South China Morning Post

Over half the river fleet in Hubei, China, have been demolished.

The suspected attackers are the British and the Americans. The Grand Council of the Qing Dynasty believes that the British attacked their fleet to take over and colonize China. The attacks were highly coordinated.

The Emperor arrived at the Grand Council and immediately disseminated the information. “We must retaliate against this threat!” said Yang Xiuqing, an intellectual in the Grand Council.

“Our river fleet in Hubei has been absolutely demolished” stated the Emperor. “Over 50 percent of our ships are gone”, he continued.

The identity of the attackers is yet to be confirmed.

The Emperor disseminating the crisis to the Grand Council

“There are reports of mines and multiple coordinated attacks happening at the same time. Our navy is absolutely decimated. I’m absolutely in shock right now” expressed the Emperor.


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