Exclusive – Chaos in the Northern Middle East

BY LI FIGARO, United Nations

A Kurdish militia announced itself to the Security Council today and threatened to attack cities in Turkey if the Security Council does not recognize the sovereignty of a Kurdish state. The militia, which did not specify its name or capabilities, told the Security Council that it had “powerful friends,” and would start moving if its demands were not met in one day. The militia had captured a contingent of Turkish diplomats. The BBC reports that the diplomats have been rescued by U.S. Special Forces.

Compounding this development, the BBC reports a large military force mobilizing in the northern regions of Iraq. The allegiance of this force remains unknown, and whether it is connected to the emergent Kurdish militia has yet to be ascertained.


The representatives of the Kurdish militia at the Security Council

The militia representatives decried what they have called a pattern of human rights abuses of Kurds by the Turkish government and called upon Turkey’s allies at N.A.T.O. to denounce the actions of the Turkish government. Following a pattern established by the Islamic State, rivals of many factions of Middle Eastern Kurds, the militia announced that it would be reporting its progress across Turkish territory on Twitter.

“We want the world to hear our message and that message is that we deserve rights,” the militia representative told the Security Council.

Soon afterward, a box of weapons was delivered to the Security Council chambers by a group claiming to be the Kurdish militia PKK. The label on the box read “fight for your rights.” A Le Figaro reporter present on the scene reported that the box was delivered by militants riding a large armored vehicle. The group did not immediately identify itself with the Iraqi or Turkish forces.


Armored vehicle delivering box of weapons to Security Council

In a statement issued by the French mission to the U.N., the French government “want[s] to stay neutral.” However, they declared that “political representation is the first step. The creation of a Kurdish state can be a little bit complicated, we would violate the principle of sovereignty,” [sic] presumably the sovereignty of the Turkish state. France had previously declared its support for the sovereignty of the Syrian state in the midst of renewed Kurdish assertiveness.

The Middle East has become an increasingly dangerous place in the wake of the drawdown of the Syrian Civil War. A report by the BBC, given soon after the Kurdish militia’s declaration, indicates that Iran has developed an arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICM) which could potentially be used to deliver nuclear warheads.


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