A Free Kurdish State?


In the Disarmament and International Security committee, delegates are revisiting the never-ending question about Kurdish state. Do the Kurdish people deserve to have their own internationally recognized state, or not? It is sort of comparable to a child trying to justify how urinating in public is all right.

There is a reason why the Kurdish people do not have a recognized sovereign land in the first place. Giving them the sovereign land would fracture an already volatile Middle East that is in political, social, and economic turmoil. To take away land from other Middle Eastern nations and form a new country with it is a recipe for disaster especially since they are known to take down governments in which they do not like.

The Republic of Turkey has to face the Kurdish threat every day since the so-called “freedom groups” or more formally known as the PKK fighters. These “fighters” only serve to harm the Turkish state and its people and spread their ill will and death too is citizens. How can the nations of the world give thought to the idea of giving these fighters, who murder innocents for an unimportant cause, recognition?

The Belgium delegation in DISEC on the state of the Kurdish people

The international community needs to understand this not from a social standpoint, but a security view. Now, they have helped out in times of need especially when it came to helping the Iraqi/US armed forces in the fight against ISIS; however, that is only so they can use this one-time example of their “cooperation” to get what they want. Even powerful nations such as the US know they cannot fully support the Kurdish cause because they also want to maintain stability in a reeling Iraq whose leadership would look down upon such a move. Additionally, many of the delegations speaking in the DISEC committee bring secure nations a lot if the Kurds get a recognized state. What these nations forget, though, is that this only exacerbates the Iranian and US tensions even more. This only pushes the world towards another nuclear scare reminiscent to that of the Cold War era.

As it stands now, most nations agree on the autonomous region they already control in the northern border of Iraq and that is with Iran supporting this. Yet, if the international community is going to try to bring back an old issue that was shut down for many reasons, it would be unwise to instigate further heated debate and risk partnerships just so one group, that has caused harm to many innocent people, can be satisfied over recognition.  


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