UNHRC: Discussions have started on Third Session’s Working Papers

By: ANDREA MORANTE, The New York Times

Member states from the United Nation Human Rights Council (UNHRC) have continued to discuss the key aspects of Working Papers presented at the Third Committee session. The concept of LGBTQ and LGBTI+1 have been discussed by signatories from the LGBTI+1 and the Born This Way blocs, and a possible merge between the blocks is of “high likelihood” according to the Delegations of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Last committee session, member states from the UNHRC presented their Working Papers and engaged in a question and answer. During the dynamic, the Born This Way bloc stated how it “felt uncomfortable with that terminology” of LGBT+1 according to the Delegation of The United Kingdom.
“After hearing about the viewpoint of the Born This WAY bloc, we have decided to overview its perspective and consider the establishment of international terms that can best represent the inclusiveness we want to promote,” stated the United Kingdom. With
this, both blocs will be working to agree on a new acronym for their Draft Resolutions, as well as the placement amendment, or elimination of clauses that would be part of the Draft Resolution that will be presented during the next committee session.

“The process might take time for us to finish, however we believe that merging our blocs could be a positive way to hear the perspectives of more member states, and thus provide holistic approaches to the issues we wish to tackle,” stated The International
Federation of International Human Rights.

“We still have some pending issues that we need to discuss before this happens, for instance, we are yet looking to find the way in which we will be adapting the different pillars that we have placed in our Working Papers throughout last sessions,” stated the delegation of Panama.

While the Born This Way block has set the pillars of “legal, social, economic, educational, and regional aspects”, the LION Pride block has set the pillars of “prevention, reaction, and international action,” stated the United Kingdom.

“We consider that negotiations so far have made it likely that delegates will want to keep the pillars of the LION Pride block, as the accommodation of the programs that Born This Way would be much more reasonable to adjust. Plenty of the clauses- such as
the Rainbow Sticker Initiative and the Restart mechanism- could be added to other preventive campaigns we are already offering and such,” mentioned the United States of America.

The New York Times is yet to report on the outcomes of the ongoing negotiations between the LION Pride and Born This Way bloc, as well as on the possible merges that blocs from UNHRC will be arranging before Draft Resolutions are presented.


Delegations of The United Kingdom, Georgia, Brazil, Belgium, Albania, the United States of America, and the International Federation of International Human Rights gather to discuss the proposals placed in the Third Session of HNMUN 2018.


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