Transitioning from Oil-Based Economy to Alternative Energy


“Alternative Energy is the future,” Oman emphasized in an interview.

Speaking with the delegation from Oman, the delegation says there’s a plan and it is the “I CARE PLAN.” In this plan, Oman will hopefully help solve the 3 problems facing the League of Arab Nations, which are Syrian refugees, an Indian-dominated labor force, and unemployment.

Oman says 70% of its energy comes from oil that and the nation intends to reduce this figure.

Oman says in the “I CARE PLAN,” there are tax cuts for companies and investors that will provide more alternative energy solutions such as solar energy for cars and adds that like the country welcomes more ideas since it has already started this in the country’s capital.

“We depend a lot on oil,” the delegation from Senegal said in an interview, mentioning that is is looking at a more long-term energy solution rather than continue its dependence on oil. Senegal adds that it can not move entirely off of oil but hopefully in some decades, it will be more than
halfway away from oil and moving towards renewable energy.

The Arab world mainly lives on oil. It is indeed difficult for the Arab world to take the step to making the world safer and saving our climate. The Arab world is on the fence with whether to look at renewable energy or stay on oil.


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