Running around from room to room. We notice race and cultural diversity emphasizing that agendas will be suitable for all.

Indeed the agendas are ‘suitable’ for all. The very basic understading of sovereignty is the power a country has to make its own decision without interference from any other country.

Every country rightly adds in their draft resolution to protect their sovereignty and respect the sovereignty of others. Surprisingly the realities in their countries contradict the ‘respect’ they have for other sovereign countries.

Countries are talking about respecting sovereignty yet they’re allowing air strike into other countries.

Countries seem to be at the peak of respect for one another; but we wake up in the morning to notice a different country dictating which city should be a country’s capital… Such regard for ‘sovereignty’.

After hijacking, and forcing citizens to abandon the only place they can truly call home, countries proudly says that they feel that questions regarding their actions are insulting to the integrity of the state.

Neighbouring countries without fear declare that until countries use their powers to shut down certain media houses, the countries seize to be recognized as members of their regional bodies.

Supporting military aids, such countries then lecture a session on ways to maintain sovereignty…So thoughtful.

And as if it was not enough, the countries that are being fought for issue a prease realeases, inforn press at at press conferences saying they have ‘NO COMMENT’ on the attacks taken in their territory.

‘Respect’ for sovereignty and linguistic, religious and ethnic minorities are not recognized as citizens of countries; hence millions loose legitimate entitlements they rightfully deserve. ‘Respect’ that allows one to manipulate the living standard and economic status of citizens based of linguistic, religious and ethnicity.

It is a Global world and every country needs another country to lean on but they should not be dictated to only because of their race, geographical location or their classification as “middle income economies” & “third world countries”.

Be the change the world deserve.



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