In the fourth session of the 64th Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) conference. Sweden addresses Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) delegates saying if social media is not checked fast this would become “SOCIAL MURDER”.

The Dawn Speaks to the delegate after his submission and Sweden explained that all social media platforms are privatized; insinuating that there is not much government’s cab do to check it’s use and effects.

Sweden continues by saying that some people join terrorist groups because they find motivation through social media.

He added that as known terror groups recruit, new networks are being formed. Sweden discussed the country’s plan with the DAWN.

Reiterating that Sweden, acknowledges that governments can not interfere; hence suggests that a that a platform be created for ‘social media giants’, government’s and law enforcement agencies to find appropriate measures to curb the spread of military networks.

As some countries agree with Combating terrorism networks others seek to merge military aid so that it may be recognized as a way to combat terror networks.

Colombia shows support for the ‘Military Aid’ indicating that the only way to end terrorism is to use the bullet. Colombia suggests ways that military can conquer terrorism groups.

Other countries remind Colombia and other countries that the radical approach like in Libya,Egypt and so many others have proven over the past to be a very destructive affecting the development of the affected nations and largely displacing the vulnerable.

DISEC is hoping to pick one of the draft resolutions presented or to look foward to mergers.



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