Press Release: WHO: Kenya

In 2010 the World Health Organization recognized in their resolution 64 that safe drinking water was a right for every single person. In countries like Kenya we believe that safe drinking water is substantial for people’s lives because it avoids diseases such commutable diseases that will damage a person’s quality of life.

The access to water is recognized as a human right that needs to be addressed in every nation so Kenya as a country we recognize the human rights frame work and we need to introduce it to our policy and our national programs to avoid the water scarce we live in now. In Kenya there is a water scarcity and we are affected and we are addressing it and there is a need to find solutions in this region but we have strategies.

In closer communities, outsiders do not understand how elders work or how these people look up to their leaders who are the ones that have more knowledge in this region so what we have to do is to teach them and create awareness so there are no problems on understanding on how programs work.

We have a strategy called “maji” which means water in Swahili the native language of Kenya so with this plan we want to establish wells that will be accessible for all communities so what we are doing
purification of water through a system of filters developed in the University of Nairobi with the support of UNDP. This is a measure that has been functioning in the region and all the regions of the world and we want to implement it in all the different countries that will need and are having a water scarcity water crisis.


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