Oil and the Middle East


One regional body, four different position papers.

Iraq is a signatory to “Protect, Promote and Adapt for Economic Supremacy.” Iraq sought signatories to regulate and stabilize oil prices. The signatories believe that protecting and securing stability in the oil prices for the members of the League will boost their economies.

The signatories added that the oil-producing countries in the Arab League will determine the price for members outside the League and this would allow members to dictate the pace, rates, and prices of oil around the world.

The position paper that got the attention of most delegations was iCARE and has about 7 signatories, including Oman and Kuwait.

iCARE stands for:
i- Infrastructure; C- Complexity, A- Accountability, R- Resilience, E- Education, E- Employment, E- Engagement.

The signatories to iCARE gave a summarized overview saying it would tackle the problems facing members of the League such us unemployment and increasing number of Syrian refugees. They also took time to elaborate on the triple E meaning; Education, Employment, Engagement.

Arab Vision 2030 was also tactically debated. Signatories to this position paper managed to get others to join them after their extensive elaboration on how the Arab world would be better off utilizing other forms of energy which are cleaner and safer. Such as solar. Qatar lead the signatories in pushing the agenda.


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