Kernel of Truth in UNDP Discussions

BY Emily C. Scheppegrell, Times of India

“I think there’s definitely a kernel of truth and promise in a lot of the stuff you have proposed,” a mysterious visitor to the United Nations Development Programme stated earlier today. This visitor, dressed as corn and known as Corn Man and other names, showed up unexpected and surprised delegates. The Corn Man’s first appearance in the UNDP occurred a day earlier when he walked in and sparked debate by bringing up the topics of divestment and transitioning to renewable energy instead of oil. The UNDP is covering climate change as one of their many considerations in their committee.

“It’s been very, very heartwarming to see a lot of our proposals directly integrated into your resolutions, to see our agenda reflected there,” the Corn Man informed the delegates. Of the two main blocks in the UNDP, one encouraged other delegates to listen to the Corn Man’s previous proposals, while the other block went so far as to call him a terrorist and asked delegates not to listen to him. These delegates against the visitor included Germany, Russia, and China. The Corn Man’s controversial speeches provoked a great deal of questions the delegation had not discussed before.

“The biggest thing for us now is just moving towards a solution, getting something on the floor that can pass, that can work, that can ameliorate this crisis,” the Corn Man said.

In response to a question from the International Red Cross representative, the Corn Man promoted working with different groups like NGOs and was eager to collaborate with different organizations. “I think that all parties from across the spectrum, advocacy organizations, governments, international groups, can all have a role to play in coordinating this crisis,” stated the Corn Man.

Delegates questioned Corn Man about what could be done in the short-term in regards to the crisis. “Climate change is not a short-term problem…. But I think the best things we can do right now is start immediately moving towards aggressive mitigation measures to try to reduce emissions,” Corn Man responded, advising delegates on some options they could utilize.

The two blocks are presenting two very different solutions to one topic. The UNDP is pretty evenly divided between the two blocks and working papers. The debate ranges from the pro-oil states arguing for ignoring the Corn Man and the other states advocating for renewable energy sources. Before exiting the committee, the Corn Man left delegates with a final sentence of advice. “We need to be thinking in terms of decades, not minutes.” Climate change is not a short-term problem, it will continue to affect humans years ahead and the UNDP must find a solution to ensure the future of this earth for future generations.



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