BREAKING NEWS: Commonwealth of Independent States: Nervous Ukraine Avoids Questions During Press Conference


UKRAINE (The Boston Globe) — During a press conference in the committee with respect to a recent event: the death of six civilians by rebels in Kharkov funded by Lithuania. Also the industries cut and occupation of houses.

The delegations didn’t really have many responses the questions that appeared since the alliances seem to be breaking on the new, but inside committees they work as allies.

The Boston Globe was particularly curious to the response of Ukraine referred to these actions, but when asked, the main responses where “Uhm, sorry no comments.” What country does not comment on terrorist actions taken into their civilians? Ukraine doesn’t care? Has it something to hide?

Ukraine relations with the Russian Federation seem to have come to an end in the outside since they have decided to back up the rebels taking Ukrainian territory, but when asked questions about their current relations, responses were just doubts that kept us with more questions.

Is there a possibility for the fragile balance on the commonwealth to be broken? No one seems to have a clear answer. While some members believe that the best solutions rely on humanitarian aid as Doctors without borders, other as Kazakhstan support long term with infrastructure.

Ukraine just seems lost, and unreliable for any alliance when it happens to be impossible to respond to simple questions. But the big picture for the whole committee does not seem to favorable.

Here the most important questions:

Reporter: can you comment on the recent announcement on an economical way in Russian Federation? ¨

DWB: The main impact it would have on the economic situation on Ukraine is that the government would have to deploy different measures to give support to people that have been affected by rebels in Ukraine, nevertheless is important to considers humanitarian assistance of NGOs as Doctors Without Borders given the financial limitation Ukraine could have. We will try to tackle and assist those affected.

Reporter:  understanding the whole block has proposed to invest in infrastructure so why is Kazakhstan asking for more infrastructure when their people need humanitarian help and their lives will be affected now, why are you investing in infrastructure?

Kazakhstan: The whole block has merge with that and is called UNITE, moreover as a block we are committed to humanitarian aid as well as infrastructure spending, but of course infrastructure will improve the stability of the region economically and will lead to peace.

We are also working NGOs for humanitarian aid to help the people. We think that both issues are important. Added to that, humanitarian aid is only a short term solution, while infrastructure helps in the long term to deliver the actual trait, so if we want to facilitate cooperation economically socially politically and if we want to improve the Commonwealth of independent states we need to tackle the weakest link of the chain and at the moment that is the infrastructure and economy of the Ukraine.

Reporter: to what extent would you put your trust in Kosovo to insure the allocation of these funds for specifically infrastructure and humanitarian aid? Do you actually trust these donations will go to the right place? How will you ensure that?

Moldova: Yes, we do trust Kosovo, we are working with the miracle project and through their party the funds will be allocated as necessarily and be transparent so we could also hold them accountable if anything wasn’t right.

Reporter: How the community is reacting to the fact that the US has funded arming Ukraine just months ago?

Russian Federation: we find it completely unacceptable that the US would dare fund a rebel organization, but is also logical because they have a history of doing it, as in Nicaragua, and the International court of Justice found it was true but they didn’t do anything because the US only vetoes resolutions on the Security council, because they don’t care about human rights, they only care about their own rights.

Reporter: Ukraine, would you also like to answer?

Ukraine: no comments.

Reporter: whether you believe that your delegations can continue to side with Russia if Russia backs rebels for more territory?

Ukraine: Rebels are in their own things outside of Russian imputes, and solving these problems in a peaceful way would mean more hope for the world.

Reporter: A follow up question?

Ukraine: I guess

Reporter: How would you do in referendum if rebels have locked access to civilians

Ukraine: Well that was address in our resolution, there will be peacekeepers to maintain peace and to disarm rebels.


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