During the fourth session of the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee in the Harvard National Model United Nations two big blocks, the JPITE leaded by Uganda and the IGI block leaded by France and the United States are working on a merge of their proposals.

This would mean connecting two of the most powerful countries with another perspective from Uganda, the leadership shown by its delegates gives us hope that a fair resolution will come out.

The education aspect was clearly developed with a specific plan for each sector

“With private education we are looking at voucher systems and empowering students to choose their own schools to encourage the competence for the best lingual education. And in the public-sector we are getting sure that everyone gets a policy tailored to their own country, making sure we are taking the best solutions from what has worked in different countries and what could best suit them depending on their own situations.” declared the delegate from France.

The Boston Globe asked France about the minority integration index, but the delegate didn’t seem to recognize a proposal that has been put in their own draft resolution, it got the Boston Globe a feeling of powerful countries to not respecting nor taking as much into consideration the ideas that blocks with developing countries are creating.

On the standardization of languages, the new block is holding translators to an international standard, creating regional offices to encourage the best practices for translators and giving them a level of respect. Also the translations on the courts will be updated and improved because as said by the delegate of France “understanding your trial is one of the building blocks of being in a democracy.”

Anyway, the feeling we get of this merge is that the aspects seem really connected, with a special focus on education for public help and getting diverse points of view. With a precise regulation, it will be a prosperous work.


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