By SAMAH HASSAN, The Pioneer

UKRAINE (The Pioneer) — Rebels in Ukraine have killed the mayor of Kharkov and are occupying the city’s administrative center. The rebels have so far killed seven civilians and have prevented anyone from fleeing the area. Homes to civilians have started being occupied and industries have been shut down.

During a press conference at the Commonwealth of Independent States, delegates from without borders commented on how this attack has impacts the economic situation in Russia and Ukraine, saying the government will have to deploy many missions to support the people that have been affected by the rebels in Ukraine and it will be good to consider humanitarian help from Non-Governmental Organizations.

Further to this, Kazakhstan has been questioned as to why they would ask for infrastructure instead of actually helping the civilians affected by the attacks by the rebels. “We are committed to humanitarian aid as well as infrastructure funding but of course the infrastructure spending will improve stability of the region” said the delegate from Kazakhstan. “We are working with NGO’S to work on humanitarian aid to help the people,” he added.

The delegation of Ukraine was then questioned by The Financial Times as to whether Ukraine can continue to side with Russia if Russia backed rebels are taking more territories, the delegation felt that rebels are doing what they are doing outside the Russian influence, and Russia continues to help Ukraine deal with these tragedy in a peaceful way could only mean hope for the entire world.

The issue of internally displaced people also came up and what the NGO’S are planning to do in regards to the current attacks and the Armenian Delegation suggested safe houses for the refugees that are being held and violence among the region is affecting many people and the delegate from the NGO from the Doctors without Borders delegation said that they are going to provide humanitarian assistance, surgical assistance and  technical training in order to help volunteers and Ukrainians to help and provide help.

The Dawn had a question in regards to the measures put in place to ensure these attacks to not go to other territories considering the comments by the rebel groups on how Kharkiv now belonged to them and they will expand their holding throughout the region. In addition to this, the rebels have stated recruiting civilians. The delegation of Albania has requested for any Russian speaking rebels and Ukrainians to back off and calls for a ceasefire.


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