PRESS RELEASES: Historical General Assembly

ETHIOPIA — Ethiopia has no enemies and wants to work with countries towards peace!

BOLIVIA, PRESIDENT ZUAZO — The Great Plurinational Nation of Bolivia is appalled by the actions taken by the British military in Cairo today! The Egyptian city of Cairo is dozens of kilometers from the contested Suez region and the British aggressors will not be tolerated. They are nothing short of neo-colonial disregard for global cultural history! Bolivia calls upon the UN to require that this aggressor and its allies be responsible for the destruction they have caused and be made to pay immediate reparations to Egypt for not only the restoration of the destroyed Great Sphinx but also the homes and buildings destroyed in the coalition bombing campaigns. Bolivia stands with the world and the Egyptian people!

HOLY SEE — The Holy See condemns the continued actions of the United Kingdom in the Suez Crisis, culminating with the destruction of the Sphinx. We find this particular decision belligerent for two primary reasons. First, continuous bombings only increase loss of human life, and the Holy See remains dedicated to the preservation of all human life as its central stance. Additionally, we will not stand for the thoughtless destruction of monuments of Egyptian and human cultural heritage in this conflict.  We place the preservation of life and worldwide heritage at the forefront of our beliefs, and, because of this, we cannot condone the behavior of the United Kingdom at this time.

ISRAEL — With the brutal retreat by the British forces due to the aggressive militant Nasser regime of Egypt. We commend the British General Bowers for his statement of support for Israel and once more denounce the violence Egypt has brought upon nations and their sovereign territory. Additionally, Israel is proud to continue working with the United States, Portugal, France, Sweden, and Belgium on a comprehensive solution that properly considers the historical issues in this conflict.

GREECE — Greece believes that we should also focus on the side effects of the conflict. We are working with Saudi Arabia, India, the Uzbek SSR, and other countries who are considering humanitarian assistance. We have solutions for humanitarian problems in both the short and long term that we are currently working on.

HUNGARY — The People’s Republic of Hungary believes that the free, socialist people’s of the world must unite in order to stop the imperialist aggression that has been displayed this past week. The people of Egypt acted to seize the means of transportation, their sovereign territory! A variety of former colonial territories have suffered the abuses of their former imperial controllers, and they must stand together to defend Egypt’s struggle as a sovereign nation. If we do not act now, the proletarian masses will continue to suffer under the heel of imperialist aggression. Thus, we demand that any resolution protect the right of Egypt to its own sovereign territory, and the proletariat of Egypt! The  People’s Republic of Hungary stands in firm solidarity with the workers of the world! We call upon all peoples to shed their chains and rise up against their capitalist oppressors! Together we can secure not only the future of Egypt, but the future of the world itself! As Marx so famously said, “Workers of the world… unite!”

EGYPT — Egypt is sickened by the thoughtless violence rampaging in Egyptian cities such as CAIRO. The attacks by the Israeli government on hospitals and schoolchildren have proven to be blatant affronts to the human rights codes and standards, and are throwing us closer to the brink of war. Furthermore, the British governments’ flippant disregard for the culture and lives of Egyptian people deeply pains Egypt, and Egypt would like to double down on its belief that diplomacy, no violence, is the only possible means by which this crisis can be resolved. Through Egypt’s current work in the UNGA, minor concessions must be made on President Nassar’s foreign policy stances in order to protect Egyptian Sovereignty and, more importantly, the Egyptian people. The delegates of Egypt are absolutely sickened by the international community’s lack of regard for Egypt’s right to self-determination, further perpetuating the League of Nations-era racist double standard against African and Middle Eastern Nations’ rights. It is time for a change and Egypt will remain in support of the SPEED plan and its efforts to bring peace to Egyptian soil. The international community can keep their thoughts and prayers; we want peace.

PAKISTAN — Today Britain pioneered crimes against humanity when they destroyed the Sphinx, part of humanity’s patrimony. We can no longer march in step with a nation pretending to be an ally but really having no regard for the rest of humanity. The London Declaration of 1949 declares that all member States of the British Commonwealth are set to be free and equal. But the recent actions of the United Kingdom goes against the entire meaning of Commonwealth. Pakistan as a republic which stands for the principles of peace, independence and sovereignty is no longer willing to stand silent in the face of violent actions perpetrated by the United Kingdom in Egyptian territory. Today we announce our withdrawal from the Commonwealth of Nations and we will remain outside from the Commonwealth until the perpetrators of the destruction of humanity’s greatest treasure are brought to justice.

PORTUGAL — The Government of the pluricontinental nation of the Portuguese Republic supports the right of self-defense of Israel and rejects the attempts of the Soviet Union to impose their military power in Egypt.

IRELAND — The conflict in the Suez Canal region is dangerous for the future of the region. Ireland believes that a further escalation of the conflict, especially by the United Kingdom, may push regional leaders into the hands of the Soviet Regime. The reckless act by the UK military in the destruction of the Sphinx allows for Communist States to push the idea that the Western world does not respect the culture of the region. According to Working Paper 1.3, the United Kingdom is willing to destroy the Sphinx and attack civilians just to sign over the Suez Canal to Egypt on the condition that Israel and Egypt enter into talks about the recognition of the Israeli state. The United Kingdom is escalating conflict for no return but national pride. Israel will not stand for this.


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