Press Release: Historical General Assembly: Israel

Correspondent: JUSTIN DOANE, Reuters

What does Israel have to say to answer for the deaths of innocent civilians through it military corporations?

ISRAEL — “We would first like to say Egypt has our sympathy but not our regret. In saying that we are very sorry that this had to happen but Israel has only been asking to be treated as an equal by all the members here, and be treated like a real state. Egypt has failed to do this and they have been continuing to push us and eventually we had to snap in order to protect our own sovereignty and our own people. No one cried for the kids in Israel when Egypt invaded our territory and killed our school children during the Arab-Israeli war.”

How would the US direct interventions in the Suez while supporting and defending military actions of Israel?

ISRAEL — “Coming into the committee the United States was quite disappointed in its two World War Two allies, France and Great Britain for essentially going in and umm… using military action without any sort of notice given to the United States. However, differences between this and the way Israel came in, rests in the UN charter, article 51, that talks about self-defense. Due to aggressive actions on the terms of Arab nations into the sovereign territory in the past Israel is acting in self-defense.”


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