Correspondent: SILVANA RODRIGUEZ, The Boston Globe

Boston Globe (BG): would you mind explaining the innovation focus of your proposals?

Norway: As a block we have decided to focus on innovation because we believe innovation Is very important in targeting global health and globalization, we have decided to tackle I for S which means: innovation for society, sustainability, services and similarities. It means that in all those topics we want to implement innovation so all countries, and specially developing countries, can benefit from globalization.

BG: Which countries are working with your delegation on this aspect?

Norway: We are working strongly with Canada, Poland, Belorussia and also with France and Moldova.

BG: I have understood that France is encouraging environmental protection for health, how does it connects with, for example, sustainability?

Norway: It links environmental policies with global health policies. Also we want to increase the awareness on sustainable tourism because in developing countries there is a huge part of the economy that’s dedicated to tourism and we would like to encourage operators to respect the populations and avoid the spread of diseases, also to respect the environment in some kind of sustainable way. We offer a label, that would be the green label for operators that offer this kind of sustainable tourism.

Another part that is really important in innovation is telecommunications in health through telemedicine, we want to create an application for mobiles since in the world there are 6 billion cell-phones and 5 billion are in developing countries, basically everybody has access to a phone and we want to implement an application called My Health, so if they have a disease or something they can text a doctor or get a consult to explain their symptoms.

BG: How would that be founded?

Norway: We could work closely as UNDP with the ITU because there is actually a fund dedicated to communications. We would like every doctor to participate through this app.



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