INTERVIEW: UN Development Program: Red Cross International

Interview conducted by Emily C. Scheppegrell of the Times of India.

Times of India (TOI): Can you tell me about the corn crisis?

INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS — So Corn Man came in and he was a very far left, anti-oil guy. So the Russia-China blocc were saying we should ignore him, Germany as well. They labelled him as a terrorist, against the oil industry. But the other bloc sort of said we need to listen to him, and they tried to encourage divestment. But they’re still debating the topic now, because no one truly addressed it. We’ve tried to get people to listen to what they’re saying.

Where does the Red Cross stand on these topics?

What we proposed to them was to look at the whole divestment solution in terms of the economy, trying to remove funds from oil and moving it towards more green energy and green projects. What we also want to do is wait to look at the private sector and anyone else who’s got interests relating to pension funds in that going on to redirect those funds. Some of the topics were coming up with that. We quite like the idea of going into green energy.

Are there any ideas you disapprove of?

An idea going around that I don’t think is feasible is the electric cars. That was part of it in terms of infrastructure, that was a topic that came up. Both blocks have not addressed this.

Do you think electric cars are cost-efficient?

They’re cost-efficient, but they need more information and details on it. That’s kind of where both blocks have slacked, they haven’t given details on means of production to show environmental-friendliness.

How does this relate to the Red Cross?

The Red Cross is very left-leaning and willing to assist.


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