Photo by Isaac Bykhovsky

By ISAAC BYKHOVSKY, The Jerusalem Post

BOSTON, Mass. (The Jerusalem Post)—In a sit-down interview with the Delegation of Israel, The Jerusalem Post was able to ask a series of poignant questions about the flow of debate and the goals of the Israeli delegation.

What is one qualm you have with the flow of debate thus far?

Delegate from Israel: “We must focus on one specific issue, and not just skim the surface of it.”  The delegate proceeded to tell us he is frustrated with the lack of solutions offered.

Summarize in a few words what the solution to this issue is?

Delegate from Israel: “Follow the legal system. There is currently no international system for minorities to have a means of protection from aggressive governments. We need to change that. We need to hold aggressive governments accountable for their actions—we can not just focus on mitigating the problems for those affected. We will run out of resources to do that. It is time to nip the problem in the bud.”

Clearly frustrated by the rhetoric in committee, the Delegation of Israel hopes to hold nations accountable for their actions. Within LEGAL, this seems to be a novel approach to the issue. Many of the other involved nations have been drawing attention to helping those in need. As stated by the Delegation of Greece, “We call upon the international community by giving minorities the means to get help.” This is in direct contradiction to the hopes of the Delegation of Israel.

Is it possible to hold the aggressor accountable and help those who succumb to religious intolerance?

Delegate from Israel: “Yes, and we have a plan for that. What we have devised is called the ‘Claim to Faith.’ Similar to the judicial system in Israel, we hope that through this solution, individuals who are oppressed will have the opportunity to seek out a judge and make this ‘claim of faith,’ and be assured a set of rights similar to those in the international community that have refugee status. This idea is not only rooted in Israel’s judicial system, but also in the idea of Habeus Corpus. We believe that every individual, regardless of their race or religion, should have an internationally assured set of rights.”

How do you plan on imposing this to the international community?

Delegate from Israel: “Through example. Religious intolerance is an issue no nation wants to deal with. By having a set of nations agree to follow our proposition, it will set a precedent that other nations will follow. We will work with various jurisdictions to create tangible data that this is a working system, and will be beneficial to those around the globe.”

Following this interview, the Delegation of Israel demonstrated they have well developed opinions and solutions to this issue. The delegate from Israel continued to note that moving forward, he hopes to work with the Delegations of USA, Japan, Russia amongst many others to create a “comprehensive solution” to this issue.



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