Globalization and Climate Change Can’t Be Separated


While the topic for Globalization and global health on the United Nations Development Programme was elected yesterday through voting, the delegations are striving to connect it to climate change.

Blocks as the one formed by Germany, Denmark Sweden, Norway, Tanzania and New Zealand-until now- look to increase the affordability of essential medicines for the international community since “companies shouldn’t monopolize patents” as indicated by Germany.

Also the subject of labor rights and wages is being discussed to defend the basic human rights, but it does not disconnect form proposals focusing on climate change.

“We want to focus on the environment, because everything else we are discussing are effects of climate change, if we don’t reverse its effects now it could end with negative replications as water scarcity” said the delegate from Sweden.

The reality is that billions of people depend on agriculture for sustainability, but this market depends almost entirely on water. With as fragile a balance as the one with agriculture, the effects climate could have with just a slight change would have immense impact on countries.

Also the block formed by the delegation of France follows a clear path were it is encouraged environmental protection applied to health care and food and nutrition security.

As seen, the focus of the committee seeks to maintain the link between the effects globalization can have on health care, but also on climate change. Or seeing it on reverse how climate change affects globalization.

Delegates debating on the importance of Globalization on climate change. Photo by Boston Globe

There are more than 139 farm markets across Massachusetts alone, showing how dependent of food market the state is.  The variety of food come from the Globalized world that has been created. But it needs to be regulated to maintain the standards that will allow it to continue running without the problems climate change could cause.

“Globalization is the beginning of world connection” said the delegate of Norway during a speech. But it is just a first step for the global community to work on.

Regulations on the sanitary measures are needed to ensure not to spread or create diseases that could turn into pandemic problems. While the measures that are taken towards connecting the world should be revised in order to reduce their impact on the environment.

Through the next sessions, the committee is expected to move forward on topics as pharmaceutical companies, Pandemic diseases and the specific connection that climate change has on global health, according to the delegation of the United Kingdom.

As long as all of the efforts are used to preserve both the market and the environment which supports it, a future where our situation is still propitious is possible.


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