The irony that exists in the world is certainly one to admire. Countries defend their plan while there has been little effort to end terrorism in their countries and to support refugees. Countries continue to turn a blind eye to people and organisations supporting and sponsoring terrorism in their home countries. Leaders of countries say that their economies are too expensive for refugees, hence refugees should live continue to live in unsafe countries.

It is completely outrageous that neighbouring countries assume that it is absolutely not out of place that they support terrorism networks just to beat their enemies.

There are many key questions in the fight against terror:

  • How do terrorist network have access to the oil tanks?
  • Why do terrorist networks turn up for peace talks and the countries do not turn up? And vice versa. All efforts seem to be fruitless.
  • Why do terrorist groups proclaim to be representing Islam? Do you think it’s pushed by some countries?
  • Why do terrorist networks feel joyed in killing innocent souls?
  • Why don’t terrorist networks operate in the cities where the seat of government is located? Why do we easily find perpetrators of terror attacks easily in the West and not in Africa?
  • Why have some countries decided to make other countries a proxy battlefield?
  • Do sponsoring countries have hidden agendas?  Or do they have interest in the countries they have made proxy battlefields?

To close, the delegation from Romania urged other members to “take the terror out of terrorism.”



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