EDITORIAL: SOCHUM: Why our values should be preserved


Our country is passing through a period of commotion due to the political climate and the confrontation between political parties. It is of common knowledge that the previous structure has been altered causing a division of the population based on intolerance.  

During the Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee of the United Nations (SOCHUM) the delegations have voted to discuss the rights of linguistic minorities.

“Linguistic minorities are very important because no matter what country you go to they are always present” said the delegate of Germany. The delegations have demonstrated different focuses on the committee, but everyone has agreed on the protection of those languages.

Languages are like flowers, with more diversity comes more beauty

In Boston the biggest linguistic minority is represented by Spanish with 7.5 percent of our population using it as a first language, followed by Portuguese with 3.1 percent. But how are these languages changing? Are we doing anything to preserve them?

“It is not United states policy to not work towards the benefit and protection of linguistic minorities” indicated the delegate of the United States for the SOCHUM during an interview. We can’t forget that in addition to these languages, the Native American community has to be preserved too.

Bearing that in mind, what can be done to improve those minorities rights? US delegation is working with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cuba, France, Lebanon, Liberia, Tunisia and Yemen on constructing a more complete resolution that tackles all minorities and all points of view form countries who have bigger linguistic issues.

On photo: The delegations of USA, France, Cuba and Lebanon working on the working paper

“The current president does not fully represent all of the population, there are legislations to protect them, we want to restore the values that had always existed and that one person’s opinion should change,” indicated the US.

Pushing to focus on education through public and private schools voucher choice programs to incentivize the educational institutions to teach minority languages but also to show the importance of these languages on the international community. Because as the US affirms “the right culture and self-identity preservation is a human right.”

The resolutions of this committee are to be diversified since, as Colombia has stated, “we would cry if we had a resolution that only had western linguistic minorities.” Which would be valid since linguistic minorities do not live only on our side of the globe.

Delegations working toward linguistic minorities rights on SOCHUM

We could also expect from the delegation to work with members as Colombia who are pushing toward a legal framework that will allow the international community to incentivize other countries to look up for minorities “because if they are not going to do it without gaining something for it” Colombia delegation indicated.

Nevertheless, the efforts during this committee will hopefully get our country going back to its values and remembering that America is a free country and everyone should be allowed to speak for themselves without fear.



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