EDITORIAL: Riots Across Palestine leave Multitudes Dead: Who’s to Blame?


They have created this mess through their rampant colonization.

Riots have broken out in Palestine due to instability and unrest after Great War

Today, during the peace talks following the Great War, a crisis broke out because of riots in Palestine that led to major casualties across all sides. This crisis was met with confrontation of the UK and France by the US and Egypt among other countries. The UK and France were confronted with the wreckage that their colonization has left behind in now-fledging countries. It is imperative that the UK and France responsibly accept their fault in colonizing and then leaving these countries which are now considered ‘under-developed.’

The riots that occurred today left major casualties among Arab, Jewish, and Christian persons; there were no winners in this. Though, Palestine itself is not to blame. After the atrocities of this Great War, stability must somehow be found in these countries. This stability must be found through cooperation between more developed countries and their less developed counterparts. If either type of country tries to embark on this task alone, more riots and wars are sure to follow.

Less developed countries, because of the devastation they endured during colonization, need the help of larger countries in order to be put back onto their feet. While more developed countries are also in need of the help of their less developed counterparts so that the same issues brought up during colonization do not repeat themselves.

The US and Egypt were two countries, among others, that stood up for the rights of the colonies they left behind. It is unfair for the UK and France to be able to so easily leave behind the colonies they once bled resources from. They advocated for the use of regional governments, supervised by outside countries, in order to keep peace throughout countries such as Palestine to prevent further riots. This is to replace the use of outside conglomerates, with little to no understanding of the culture they are in, to keep peace in less developed countries.

The use of outside conglomerates would only further the issues of unrest and instability at hand. On the international stage, it is necessary to allow the individual culture of the countries in question to be able to care for themselves. They know their people and customs best, so why would they not be in charge of their own peace and police forces? Though, these countries do not have the complete resources they need in order to do so, and this is where larger countries like the UK and France need to step in. They have created this mess through their rampant colonization, and they need to help clean it up.


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