EDITORIAL: All countries Need to be on Board with Climate change


On Thursday, the World Health Organization (WHO) chose to move forward with the topic of “climate change” after a long debate about which issue to focus on.

Although wartime psychology is a relevant topic for countries who have been impacted by war, climate change affects all nations no matter what class or ethnicity. Delegates such as Guatemala were upset social psychology was not chosen because it is such a new topic and they feel has not been addressed enough, where they believe climate change has.

War time psychology is an important and relevant topic for the conference but climate change is a topic that is of immediate concern for Asian countries and one all countries have a stake in. Dismissing climate change as a topic previously addressed does not improve the conditions of countries where pollution affects all aspects of human life.

Wartime psychology is an issue more specific to each nation, while climate change is an issue countries are affected by whether they choose to or not.

Climate change is an irreversible issue that only gets worse with time and needs to be dealt with immediately especially since it affects millions of people. It affects weather conditions, agriculture and increased discussion on the topic could provide a solution to conditions related to pollution.

Bird flu, Babesious, cholera, Ebola and Lyme disease are conditions sensitive to climate change. Asthma is a condition that only worsen with pollution and not enough care for the environment. Countries in Asia are forced to wear masks due to pollution in their county, making this topic one that needs immediate attention.

Ideas on wartime psychology are newer in the discussion of global issues and can be discussed further in the future but as of now delegates should also focus on finding ways nations can be more environmentally conscious in the future.

Wartime psychology is also not a topic developing countries had resources to begin with. Moving forward with this topic means large countries can work together to find solutions that will be difficult for developing countries to find resources for.

India and China are countries that make up over 2 billion people and are of the most polluted countries in the world. Climate change has been discussed for years but hardly any permanent solutions have been created is not just about world health but it is an issue affecting the entire planet.

Delegates should continue to pass notes and collaborate regardless of their preferences of the topic because it is an issue changing the environment every day.


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