Commentary: The Paris Peace Conference Will Not Punish the Actions of the Central Powers

By Justin Doane, HNMUN

BOSTON, Mass. (Reuters) – Throughout the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, a shift of ideas has occurred, shaping the conference away from its original intent. The peace talks opened Thursday with representatives from a number of nations from around the world including Siam, Germany, Armenia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and others, however most of the delegations present now seem solely focused on the problem of the Middle Eastern nations and a possible British mandate for the creation of a new state.

Now that the Great War has reached its conclusion, ending in the unconditional surrender of the Central Powers, led by Germany, the Paris Peace Conference was organized with the intent of enforcing peace terms globally. In order to ensure that such a war will never again be possible, the United States and the United Kingdom opened this weekend’s conference with a stated goal of world peace.

After reaching out to the representatives present, discussion seemed solely focused on the territories of the Middle East, and when asked of their ideas of how best to ensure that a repeat of the Central Powers can never happen, a number of delegations seemed confused.

The delegation of Italy was quoted as saying, “Let’s not pretend the region was any more stable than it was before we stepped in. We should focus on enforcing local sovereignty.” As it applies to the Middle Eastern conflict moving forward, notably the Central Powers have remained rather unphased about the situation.

There was a resounding opinion from a number of delegates that “local sovereignty” should be maintained in the region, however the local sovereignty of Germany seems to be benefiting the most from these ideas. At the time of writing, no proposal from the conference has included any way to fine Germany for the atrocities they have carried out during the Great War.

The resounding idea of “local sovereignty” from within the room was recited verbatim from delegates of Italy, Siam, and others, and the number of proposals within the room only addressed the fighting that continues between the Jewish and Arab peoples. Further issues in this regard will matter little if harder measures are not taken in the European front to address the grievous errors made by the provocation of the Central Powers.


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