World Health Organization Begins with Debate over Topics


BOSTON, Mass. (Asahi Shimbun) — Most of the World Health Organization (WHO) session on Thursday worked to come to an agreement on which topic to discuss. Delegates debated on the importance of topic A, “War Time Social Psychology, and topic B, “Climate Change.”

War time social psychology discusses post-traumatic stress disorder and aiding civilians in their lives after war. It is a topic relatively new to the international community, which gives some countries more reason to discuss topic A.

The delegate from Turkey said because mental illness has been so stigmatized in the past it is time to finally seek help for those and “stop discriminating against it.” Other countries such as Mongolia argued mental health is a topic that does not get as much attention as climate change and it is time to address it.

While other countries see the validity in both topics, climate change was an issue delegates felt affected more people. Germany urged delegates to focus on climate change because “this topic takes back and exasperates every single disease the WHO urges and endeavors to end.”

The WHO believes climate change might cause 240,000 deaths per year beginning in 2030. With number of deaths increasing this made climate change a topic all countries found interest in.

Other delegates agreed with Germany and restated this has been an ongoing issues but not one that is frequently addressed or solved. Uruguay encouraged the committee to come together on this issue. After having different beliefs than other Latin American countries Uruguay said “think about the way we can handle these issues together.”

Of course climate change varies around the world, but the main argument delegates had for choosing the topic was it affects all countries, while war issues relate to countries with victims of war.

Notes were passed throughout the event with many countries trying to work together and getting their voice heard on which topic should be addressed at MUN.


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