The Role of the Military in Countering Terrorism and Protecting Syrian Refugees


The military has a very critical role to play in the situations around the world such as protecting refugees.

The topics for discussion in both the League of Arab States and Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) are of great concern and greatly linked.

League of Arab States began its opening sessions debating which topic to tackle first between A “Oil Economy & Middle Eastern Dependence On It” or B: “Syrian Refugees.”

Most of the countries were focused on how to shift from depending solely on oil to a much more sustainable and environmental friendly option such as natural gas, tourism, and solar energy.

In an interview with a delegate from Qatar, we find out that indeed the country agrees that oil is not the only source of income for the country, in fact, a sector like tourism is already incredibly profitable. The delegate informed us that the FIFA 2020 world cup, being held in Qatar, has already brought a lot of investors into the country. They have invested in infrastructure and has continued to largely promote Qatar’s tourism sector.

Qatar used  this opportunity to tell us how it is working to support Syrian refugees around the world, saying  about 50,000 refugees live in Qatar, not as refugees, but as Arabians who have been able to integrate into the society with working permits. Qatar says that the can’t take refugees because they aren’t signed to the charter and believe that the funds they are providing for their Arab brothers, scattered because of war, is not enough. They are working to support some more.

Saudi Arabia compares military aid to that of a sick man who enters a hospital with different kinds of illnesses including injuries, adding  that it is impossible to treat all at once, hence the need to counter terror networks.


In DISEC the topics up for debate are A: Military Aid and B: Countering Terror Networks. The topics in both committees are closely linked because, in attempt of countering terror networks, some countries provide military aid and others accept military aid, which is both good and not helpful at the same time. The booming economies of the Arabian countries seems to be helping the terror networks because they usually based along the oil reserve areas.

If we truly want to protect the Syrian Refugees, we would need to find decent and diplomatic ways of going around all the topics to arrive at workable resolutions.


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