The Beginning of the New Resolution?



BOSTON, Mass. (Al Jazeera) — It is finally the start of Harvard National Model United Nations’ 64th, the session delegations and individuals were waiting for since its announcement back in March 2017. Delegates from all around the world, 69 countries, have come together to take part in this “welcoming competition” as quoted by Oliver B. Libby.

The first day started with all the delegations coming together and registering for the conference. The opening ceremony followed, where Ambassador Swanee Hunt talked about her experience working with the UN. Afterwards, Libby encouraged everyone to take part in the resolution project which helps the world become a better place.

Now, let us move on to the main committee sessions.

United Nation Commission on Status of Women:

A woman who is supposedly a terrorist.

The United Nation Commission on Status of Women (UNCSW) aims to tackle problems that are faced by women around the world. The UNCSW of HNMUN 2018 has two agendas that would like tackle are:

  1. The Gender Politics of Terrorism
  2. Global Poverty and its Effects on Women


The committee so far had put focus more on the fact that women around the world need to be properly equipped for self-defense and protection from terrorism.

The Russian Federation, Australia, Iraq and a few other countries have encouraged the committee to put more focus on coming together, working on development in countries, making sure that everyone has clear definition of women in terrorism, and ensuring that all countries have a proper healthcare, education, and security.

Girls getting educated in a village in India

The committee has yet to decide which agenda they will be focusing on first.

Special Political and Decolonization Committee:

The current situation that is being faced by the people of South Sudan

The committee focuses on decolonization, peacekeeping, human rights and so on. SPECPOL or Special Political and Decolonization committee in HNMUN 2018, has two agendas, they are:

  1. The Status of South Sudan
  2. Mine Action

The committee has come to the decision of putting more focus on the first agenda. The delegates of Poland and Gabon have been encouraging the committee and the United Nations to make sure that South Sudan will be facing less problems in the future.

JUNE 29: A Sudanese mother holds her baby waiting for food at a malnutrition and feeding center

The delegate of Somalia has encouraged the committee to find solutions not only for South Sudan but countries around Africa. Alongside the delegate of Somalia, the delegate of Ireland states that if the committee is unable to promptly work on the problems faced by South Sudan, the UN might be put on to shame.

The delegate of North Korea has also taken part in the debate by stating that the committee should strengthen humanitarian aid in South Sudan.

The delegate of Uganda encourages the committee to encourage South Sudan to instill proper democracy.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has stated that the UN should start working on the number of problems being faced by South Sudan now and should be decreased to zero.

The Committee of SPECPOL has really been putting in their best effort to make sure that the problems being faced by South Sudan will be put to an end.


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