Press Releases: UNCSW: United Kingdom, Germany, Australia

Correspondent: FAIZA MURTAZA, Al Jazeera

United Kingdom — The United Kingdom deeply condemns the actions taken by all the terrorist organizations. We believe that women have an important role in counter-terrorism strategies. We want to empower as many women as we can to involve them in peace-building strategies. Committing ourselves to new technological approaches, which will be a key point to integrate women in the fight against terrorism. It is time to end with the outrageous acts of evil and raise women and their voices for peace.


Germany — I think it’s very important that women are represented in politics. This will increase the attention paid to gendered issues in security conversations. Though this committee is focused on women, I believe that it can make major changes in the world’s management of Global terror.


Australia — The delegation of Australia strongly believes that security is the most important thing. Portray women as survivors and leaders by giving them education, health care and protection, but also include women in the construction of peace, be part of peacekeeping operations and self-defense knowledge. For that matter, Australia has a lot of proposals and it’s willing to finance programs to protect women.


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