Press Release: UNDP: Panama and Canada

Correspondent: SILVANA RODRIGUEZ, The Boston Globe

PANAMA — “We think globalization in global public health is the more prominent topic over agriculture and climate change because the second one has already been discussed a lot and there is nothing necessarily new to bring to the table. We also think that because of Panama’s history being invested in globalization with the Panama Canal it shows both the benefit form globalization for national trade but also the negatives that could include carrying vector home diseases and other communicable diseases such as Sika and yellow fiber into our country. So we think it would be better to focus on that so we can keep our citizens safe and help other in developing countries.

Agriculture has had an impact in our country, but there is already a UN Forum for climate change and some of its bio laws have had stances on how to improve more sustainable agriculture practices and to focus on it seem as little redundant.”

CANADA — “The delegation of Canada believes we can look at the positive side of globalization and move to that direction, since globalization has brought a lot to Canada. We have seen that our community are takin over refugees taking in their communities and ensuring that globalization in a way it is not seen as a problem for different cultures but bringing cultures together to form one city instead of separate communities and that’s the way we want to move forward.

People going to other countries, seeing new cultures, having new experiences and bringing them back to their own countries to show them what are the best ways and more efficient solutions to their problems.

We are taking in people from other countries because we see globalization as a benefit, we are willing to contribute to it, being one of the leading player on this aspect with LGBT communities, we have different languages so we are definitely affected by it, in a positive way.”


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