Press Release: UNDP: Lao

Correspondent: EMILY C. SCHEPPEGRELL, Times of India

LAO — “Vegetable protein demand has increased since in our globalized world more and more people have become vegetarian. Nonetheless, vegetable protein has larger impacts on greenhouse gases emissions and it also erodes soil. Because of this, developed countries in Europe and North America are shifting to more sustainable types of food consumption such as insects proteins which do not produce a larger impact on climate change and they do not produce negative effects on soil. It is known also that in East Asia and South East Asia countries such as Lao and Thailand there is a lot of insects consumptions. Taking into account this, developed could help developing countries in the mentioned regions to develop better mechanism for shifting to sustainable ways of consumption. Edible insects are already consumed by 2 million people around the world, and they contain great amounts of proteins, fatty acids, etc.


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