Press Release: SOCHUM: Mongolia & Chad

Correspondent: EMILY C. SCHEPPEGRELL, Times of India

MONGOLIA — The prevailing debate was held over the decision of which topic to choose for our committee. The room seemed sharply divided over cementing rights for linguistic minorities vs solving the light asylum seekers crisis. For approximately 2 hours well over 60 countries were heard. Despite some powerful speech craft from those in favor of the light option, the room was slightly in favor of linguistic minorities from the start. Developing nations and the United States seemed to be the most in favor of the linguistic minorities, while China, Europe, Canada, and small collection of outlier nations backed the LGBT option.

CHAD — The focus of our position would be that the left developed African nations are underrepresented, underrepresented in the issue of linguistic minorities, and so we are trying to get them together with the help of more developed countries and form a coalition to solve that issue on an international scale.

I think that the less developed African nations and Africa in  general really, due to a history of colonialism and a very robust set within each country of regional dialects, some countries have upwards of a hundred regional dialects spoken. To tackle that issue, it is virtually impossible to do that without the support of non-governmental organizations and additional funding, because even then a lot of countries are struggling to consolidate their rule of law and are struggling with violence and domestic terrorism as well. I think we have to consider the practical as well as the ideal.

We were talking with France, they have a couple ideas [for NGOs]. They have an idea about developing a new program of sort of an international teacher exchange and an international legal officer exchange to deal with translating legal documents and educating people… and then we were talking to Burundi, who had a laundry list of NGOs who they believed could help.


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