Press Release: DISEC, Russian Federation


Correspondent: KALI CROKE, Fox News

RUSSIAN FEDERATION — “The committee room right now in DISEC is just getting started on talking about starting the agenda on Topic B, Counterterrorism Efforts, and discussing terrorism in general. A lot of it is focused in Syria right now. There is also a lot of discussion right now talking about definitions—how to define terrorist and the source of terrorism, because there are EU definitions, NATO definitions, et cetera. There are also different alliances that want something out of that terrorism. As the Russian Federation we believe there needs to be some sort of discussion on interventionism and who is allowed to intervene. Are allies are allowed to go? Are the colonial powers responsible for causing strife in those areas are allowed to intervene or help? And how aid is going to be a part of it? We want to know what the follow-up is, as well. But most importantly, instead of taking unilateral action on countering terrorism, we want multilateral action. That is something the Russian Federation has not seen a lot. Which is why we have had to take our own unilateral action in the past.”


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