Interview: UNCSW: Portugal

Correspondent: FAIZA MURTAZA, Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera (AJ):  What is your aim for this conference?

Portugal (P): My aim is to come up with viable solutions to the situation that women face today in regards to the gender politics of terrorism. As well as finding ways to have nations implement the present convention into domestic laws.

AJ: How does Portugal plan to tackle the problem of women in terrorism?

P: I think it is more suitable to encourage nations to strengthen their trust in the police and law enforcement to take the public light the crimes against women. Also making access to educations more viable for girls and women

AJ: What are the expectations for how the committee will tackle the problem of fear of women in terrorism?

P: I expect the whole committee to be cooperative with each other and narrow done the priorities with one of them being the translation of past conventions into domestic law


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