Globalization and Agriculture Importance (UNDP)


BOSTON, Mass. (The Boston Globe) — During the first session of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) the delegations debated on which topic had the most importance for the international community. There were different opinions from the delegations.

Globalization is a recent phenomenon that affects the globe, through aspects as commerce, culture and politics, but also through the increase of connections between the world. This connection raises the question of how safe it is to be so connected. On history there have been many examples of how immigrants have transmitted diseases such as the swine flu that affected the whole world on 2009 starting from Mexico. It was difficult to fight it because of the vast amount of flights that took off from Mexico to the rest of countries per day, which extended even more when the virus replicated itself on citizens from other cities and even continents. But this new situation has also brought benefits to the global community as interconnection and an increase on the market and development of all countries that benefit from the knowledge shared and the exchange of resources. Making this a situation that involves everyone both positively and negatively.

Meanwhile, agriculture and climate change have also been a serious problem, since the instability of the weather has had negative effects on the mechanisms that the agriculture system has been used to apply. New ways to balance this situation need to be discussed since natural phenomena, such as droughts in Africa, are already an existing problem that moves quickly. El Cabo is just one example out of many that could happen on the short term.

Both subjects clearly represent international importance, but the different opinions come with national interests. In the UNDP western countries feel more comfortable with the discussion of the Globalization effects on Health as their systems rely on it. “We need a Globalized world for Globalized help” the delegate from the United Kingdom said. While other countries with a system relying on the agriculture as its main economic activity support the discussion of the second topic, “we believe it is important to discuss agriculture and climate change since we have already felt the effects of it on our financial stability.”

It is relevant to point out that these two subjects are connected, since agriculture depends on globalization to expand and get to new markets while a major part of the commerce that globalization permits relies on the food market that can carry communicable diseases. It is a difficult decision where to start, but it has to be done. To help the population any subject chosen should also address its consequences on the other one despite of personal interests form the delegations, since the duty of this committee is to do the best for the world’s interest.


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