Debated Topics within DISEC Rage On


BOSTON, Mass. (Reuters) – Today the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) within the UN’s General Assembly opened a discussion on two topics to be covered over the next several days, hoping to build a resolution addressing at least one of them internationally by the end of the day Sunday. The first topic (Topic A) covered the “Necessity of Military Aid”, and sparked intense debate from within the Committee, as several delegations fought to bring the second topic (Topic B) to the forefront of the discussion: “Countering Terrorist Networks.”

As debate opened, a number of delegations from multiple nations across the world emphasized th military aid. Specifically, Chile cited the ability of the Committee to speak of both topics under the umbrella of Military Aid, and invited a number of other delegations to join them in bringing about the end of global terrorism networks by “preparing countries around the world militarily.”  

The Delegation of Libya also made a brief appearance at the head of the committee today. Though Libya has been the target of numerous terrorist organized attacks from organizations such as al-Qaeda, they opted for Topic A, citing their belief that “building a stronger army” would lead to a strong resolution of Topic B.

Notably, more than half of the day’s discussion focused on the importance of military aid, with only a handful focusing on Topic B. Several countries such as Fiji, and Israel left their views vague, leaving their statements on the topic to be interpreted, moving forward in committee over the next few days.

Claiming to speak on behalf of a number of countries falling victim to terrorist organizations, Israel notably spoke of wishing to “avoid another massacre” alluding to the 1994 Israeli embassy bombings that took place in London.



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