After the Great War, the Paris Peace Committee Discusses Plans of Healing


PARIS, France (The Guardian) — Now, after the end of the Great War, the people of the world are trying to heal and move forward from the devastation. To do so, delegates in this conference are debating between focusing on two topics: the pros and cons of Imperial versus Local Sovereignty and the importance of creating a collective and stabilized Ottoman Empire.

Many delegates hold the belief that the issues to be discussed in the second topic would be encompassed in a discussion of the first. The countries that backing the first debate topic are concerned with the stability of smaller countries ravaged by the Great War. This topic, to them, will not only move to solve issues of stability in these countries, but will also assuage the concerns surrounding the stability and unity of the Ottoman Empire.

Portugal, in their short proposal to the committee, highlighted their concern, which aligns with the principles which the international community holds. If these underlying principles are the center of focus in the discussion of the first topic regarding opposing sovereignties, Portugal argued the world would move more easily move towards healing from this Great War.

Countries which back the second debate option, however, are more focused on the way in which countries will be able to identify and unify themselves. They are concerned with the principles that the world collectively holds, as they understand that if the second topic is discussed, then the underlying problems of the disillusioned Ottoman Empire will move towards healing all countries: countries like the United States of America, and Greece.

The United States of America, in both of their proposals to the committee, focused on endorsing President Wilson’s 14-point plan. They strongly believe that through self-determination and the following of these 14-points, the international community can avoid any future wars. The United States also stated their motivation of global unity through the discussion of the topic surrounding the Ottoman Empire and Wilson’s 14-points.

The focus of all delegates in the room is the repair of damage waged by this Great War, unity across the globe, and the prevention of further horrific wars. Those that back the first debatable topic believe that this prevention can happen through a discussion and decision of Imperial versus Local Sovereignties. They believe that this discussion will be able to also take time to cover the issues of the Ottoman Empire, and so see it as the better focus of their committee during this tumultuous time. While those that desire debate on the second topic believe that the same healing and prevention can occur through direct discussion of the imperialism found in the Ottoman Empire, and through this discussion, a decision on the issue of sovereignties can be come to and applied on a larger scale.


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