United Nations Security Council Wraps Up Resolutions


Before even starting committee, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) took some time to get to know each other, sharing where each delegate was from, and what they study at their university. The UNSC also had the opportunity to invade The Cabinet of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


UNSC “shames” The Cabinet of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, 2017.

The Security Council entered the room shouting “Shame!” at the other committee. Modeled after Game of Thrones, the committee surrounded the table chanting and pointing fingers and everyone sitting. The People’s Republic of Bangladesh did not expect the intrusion, and were completely surprised.

After returning back to their room, the UNSC immediately started the session by passing a motion to begin voting on the resolutions. Multiple amendments had been passed up, but all were ignored and the committee moved into a two for two against.

The first resolution, worked on by the most delegations in the committee failed to pass. The second resolution, led by the Russian Federation was described as “comprehensive” and received a few “boo’s” from the other delegates for using that word.

“This resolution has good ideas, bad ideas, and terrible ideas,” said Uruguay when speaking against the Russian Federation’s resolution. Uruguay continued to describe the resolution as “anti-United Nations” and “anti-democracy”.

The delegation voted to divide the question multiple times. The chair described the committee as completely “gutting” the resolution. As a result, only one clause was left, describing an encouragement of religious freedom and toleration. The committee again voted down this resolution.

In the end, the Security Council tore apart almost every resolution, and then failed to pass anything. For now, peace will not be restored in the Central African Republic or India and Pakistan. While a disappointing ending, the delegation of Sweden had one last comment.

“This was definitely one of the best committees I have ever been part of. Everyone in the committee was so experience, and knew what they were doing. It felt entirely real, and I loved working with everyone,” said Maddy Murnane, delegation of Sweden.


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