The Forgotten Syndrome


The Disarmament and International Committee has shown us that diplomacy needs to be accompanied by science and technical knowledge. It may be appropriate for the representatives to think about the theory behind this phenomenon if they aim to stop it.

The theory of homophily lies behind weaponisation. The term was coined in the 1950s by Miller McPherson, Lynn Smith-Lovin and James Cook, in their book “Birds of a feather.” They state that “similarity breeds connections, rejecting the paradigm that opposites attract. Homophily explains how people are so easily influenced on social media, leading to its weaponisation.

All extremist and terrorist groups believe in their causes wholeheartedly. Furthermore, they display defensive and hostile attitude to however does not share their opinion. However, censorship has not historically improved situations.

Is there a perfect solution for resolving the weaponisation of social media? Probably not, nonetheless, it is clear as day that censorship to the degree delegates are proposing is excessive.


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