You Shall Not Pass: Narrowing Five Working Papers Down to One Resolution


The Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) buzzes with life. Delegates rapidly pass working papers, type swiftly on laptops, and briskly move between blocs conceptualizing papers. While all of this progress has resulted in five working papers so far, only one may ultimately be passed as a resolution.

Several member nations voiced concerns and confusions on Working Paper 1.1 during a moderated caucus. The Republic of Korea’s delegate pointed out, “Under Structural Revision, in part A, it says any type of allegation will be suspended for a six-month period, we want to know what that would all entail.”

“We feel this paper completely removes the power a government has to regulate its people, especially with creating an International Tribunal,” Iraq’s delegate stated, bringing up the incessant issue of sovereignty.

Team Blue of Working Paper 1.2 spoke with The Economist, and discussed potential merging in the future with Working Paper 1.1. Team Blue described their paper as “very in-depth,” and covers many promising points like deployment issues, prevention of future misconducts, modernized warfare, increased female participation, and faster response time. They want to utilize UN Trust Fund Assistance as well. The name “Team Blue” comes from the blue helmets UN Peacekeepers wear, in the hopes of improving these forces.

Working Paper 1.5, also known as “Triple E-Mash,” focuses on gender equality, accountability, and cultural training. The Netherlands delegate told The Economist, “[The] most important issue regarding our working paper is training.”

Their paper focuses on not only protecting women but empowering them through increased participation in peacekeeping.

While these working papers are very promising, they primarily cover the same issues regarding peacekeeping reformation, and in the end, only one can be passed as a resolution. Somehow, they must merge or face being dropped. Problems with communication are slowing SPECPOL down, and increased communication and awareness of what each team is working on will surely speed the process of creating a final resolution.


Team Blue hard at work crafting their paper:


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