What Causes Terrorism?


Throughout years, the causes of terrorism have been a constant debate around the world since it is an ongoing problem that seems to be far away from ending. Many explanations have been presented, yet they seem too simple or speculative; like a simple solution could be figured out, but it has not. The believe that “the ends justifies the means” or that violence is effective in order to get something, are just the beginning of this chaotic problem. People choose terrorism when they are trying to impose what the believe is the right way to manage things and eradicate the injustice that sometimes is provoked in political, economical and social status; or when people feel that the only way they will be heard is by imposing fear in the population, by threats and fierceness. These two elements are basic to any terrorist group history.

However, the question “what causes terrorisms” does not seem right because it could never be answered. The presence of terrorism cannot be stated because there is not one factor that provokes it; there is no scientific proof that one thing causes terrorism and others does not. So the causes stated before, are actually conditions in which terrorism develops. Religious fanaticism, political disputes and economical differences are not causes, but the conditions that allow people to become violent and this violence to become terrorism in the end. There are always several conditions in which terrorism develops, because it a complicated phenomenon, created by those who do not have an army at their disposal but they do have the conditions to generate chaos.

In order to tackle this, some delegates are proposing and index that will measure the main causes of terrorism, with different levels and sanctions to those countries that in any way “promote” terrorism. This seems kind of strange since, as stated before, there is no specific cause of terrorism.

There is nothing inside one person that would immediately be triggered into wanting to create a space of terror; instead there are some certain conditions that make people think violence could be a reasonable option. Just like many variables can happen, many solutions can be found if we find a way to stop these conditions before they turn into something worse.



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