United Nations Security Takes Downward Spiral



The delegation of DPRK discusses their working paper. 

The United Nations Security Council has experience a whirlwind of scandal from all directions throughout the morning session. The primary goal of the committee has been to stabilize the regions of the Central African Republic, and India and Pakistan. Yet, directives have seemingly become useless as nations begin to only focus on personal interests.

“States are just blowing things up and it is an embarrassment for the UNSC,” said Conor Friend from the delegation of Sweden.

One of the most concerning factors of the committee is China’s intentions. Allegedly, China has been disguising spies as engineers to look into Indian affairs. The UNSC has opted to start investigations on China, yet, as a permanent member, the nation has vetoed the directive every time. China continues to deny any of the allegations, stating that they are trying to work with other nations to avoid any form of conflict.

The Russian Federation is also in the hot seat. A russian military identification card was found on a trade route between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The route had been attacked earlier. Russia also denies any involvement.

Senegal has also been questioned, with being accused of selling weapons to Central African Republic rebels. Once again, the nation denies any claims.

In a full scale outburst, Italy called the actions of these nations “DISGUSTING!”, and the UNSC should return their focus to the true conflicts in the committee. Italy was extremely flustered over the nations who were only looking to advance personal interests.

Tensions have heated up as nations are no longer sure of who has the right intentions in the committee. Crisis has continued to throw scandal after scandal at the UNSC, leaving them scrambling to balance stabilizing the regions, and stopping nations from intervening in a negative way.

Coming up soon is elections in the Central African Republic. The UNSC seems to be split as some are advocating for the removal of peacekeeping troops, while others wish to have troops to help monitor the elections. Nations such as Sweden and Ukraine are extremely concerned and threatened about the possibility of the UNSC meddling in the C.A.R. elections. As it looks right now, the focus of the UNSC does not seem to be turning back towards the true issues at hand.


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