The Wall Street Journal Endorses Hill for President


NEW YORK – The Wall Street Journal formally endorses David Bennett Hill, the former Governor of New York, as the 24th President of the United States of America. In the wake of scandals involving the Captains of American Industry’s exclusive Union Club, the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal believes that Hill can stand up against the corrupt economic and political activities of industry leaders and current president Benjamin Harrison.

The greedy, selfish actions of industry leaders have put the United States and its citizens in a dangerous position, creating international crises and invoking war between the U.S., Spain, and the United Kingdom. Big business leaders such as Eugene DuPont took advantage of the precarious situation along the border between Venezuela and British Guiana. While the United Kingdom did violate the Monroe Doctrine by invading Venezuela when conflict erupted on the border, the final straw that provoked the U.S. Congress’ formal declaration of war against the U.K. was found to be a result of DuPont and the Union Club’s manipulative actions.

As it stands now, there is unrest in Cuba, and the U.K. has sent the British Royal Navy, the world’s greatest naval fleet, to set sail to invade the United States. Furthermore, President Harrison is clearly a puppet of the Union Club, as he relies on the committee to serve as his war advisers and all of their decisionmaking has influenced the war effort in devastating ways. Although the Union Club assisted in defusing the situation by garnering support from Germany to fight against the British, still too many American soldiers and sailors are coming home in caskets due to irresponsible warfighting tactics and policies.

In an expose by Charles Dow, it was discovered that the Union Club’s actions to mobilize the war effort were not only to create the country’s military-industrial complex, but also to silence the growing populist movement in the United States. Candidates such as Hill have actively listened to the wishes of the American people and to populist sentiment.

For too long has the American public suffered from terrible working conditions and unfair contracts as industry leaders stuff their own pockets and make profit off of dying American patriots. It is time for Americans to take this country back from the greedy Captains of American Industry and instill a new leader in Washington. While both Republican and Democratic candidates are backed by this exclusive Union Club, Hill is the only candidate who is honest and can restore justice to American politics. With Hill at the helm, the American people will no longer have to suffer under corrupt industry leaders and their selfish, irresponsible decisions.


The greedy Union Club must be exposed for the corrupt leaders they are – only candidate David Bennett Hill can prevent these businessmen from further destroying our country’s economy.



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