The Straits Times Holds a Press Conference as an Asteroid Tumbles Towards Earth


In today’s committee session, On The Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, delegates gathered to discuss a new crisis update: an asteroid is on track to plummet into Earth’s atmosphere. The Straits Times was on the scene, and asked questions about how the committee would handle such a disastrous event.

The Russian Federation has a draft resolution that addresses how to identify when an asteroid will strike and how to convey that message to the public.

“We are actually going to crawl through social media and monitor public news channels and crack down on fake news and misinformation. This way, the public won’t be set into a tizzy about something that is not actually going to happen,” said the Russian Federation in a statement.

One of the most disruptive news in the committee was that the United States was working with China and Iran. It was previously mentioned that in the past, the US had banned any space collaboration with China and that the Trump administration has opposed to the Iran deal; therefore it seemed like the countries working together was not the best idea, when asked about this the delegate from the US stated that:

“The ban applies to the federal budget of NASA, and supporting these initiatives will come directly from the United States government. There will be no flow of information between the US government, NASA, and China,”.

The United States stressed the fact that Iran would not have any access to nuclear weapons or information of such matters.

“There will be no flow of information between the US government, NASA, and China. Iran is not allowed to research or develop…nuclear weapons would not have any relationship with Iran,” said the United States when pressed on the matter.

China also expressed similar sentiments about working with the United States, describing that politics are “flexible”. The delegate went on to say “We believe in flexibility not a static approach.”

Furthermore, the crisis update stated that an asteroid was on its way to colliding with earth; the question many delegates and the directors had and were wondering what will happen if any of the solutions presented failed and the asteroid collides with a country instead of landing in the ocean, to this the delegate of Italy said the international community will respond with immediate humanitarian and financial aid and that this would be provided by the country held responsible for that.


The delegate of the United States of America addressing the issues.



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