The Save Plan, Plan of Actions. Working Papers in the HGA 1991


Reaffirming the inalienable right of all people to self-determination and independence, the delegates of the Historical General Assembly 1991 committee gathered to debate the Decolonization of Western Sahara. Being aware of the refugee crisis that affected the nation when this happened, in this committee session they merged their ideas to create working papers.

The Save Plan, is one of the working papers that were presents. In this one the participating countries where: China, Australia, Japan, France, Mexico, Russia and 20 others. The countries stated that: “In this working paper we are looking for viable, resourceful and well-thought solutions to tackle the problem the Western Sahara is facing, we invite you all to work with us together as the International Community that we are.”

What they are proposing is the creating of a demilitarized zone between the Moroccan-occupied southern provinces and the Polisario-controlled free zone. This will demilitarized zones between 10 miles and with a barrier to prevent any breaks. In this way they will try to stop any kind of leak and by that protect the civilians from both sides.

Also, endorses and integrated registration with documentation procedures so that refugees and “persons of concern” meaning the stateless and internally displaced persons; will have a proper documentation to ensure and effect identification once they are inside the country. This could also work to protect the country’s security from terrorist attacks. What is odd about this point in the working paper is that they want to reform the 1991 United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees Handbook for Registration. This handbook was created to have note of the refugees entering the country, reforming it in any way could cause some serious loss of extremely important information.

Furthermore, they are asking for peacekeeping operations to tackle the issue of the violent attacks. They ask to expand the numbers and the missions the United Nations has sent in order to improve and guarantee peace in the conflict zone.

In his way, the countries composing this working paper will tomorrow work of the Draft Resolution, the culmination of a three-day work plan of actions. We cannot work to hear what they have come up with to tackle this terrible conflict that is only creating chaos and fear in the population of the western Sahara.



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