The International Bazaar and Cocktail Hour, Fun Times at HNMUN


At the Harvard National Model United Nations, delegates come not only to debate and find solutions to different problems, but also to have fun; because if we do not see the brighter side of things, what is the point in living them? In the second night of the committee, almost every single delegate, faculty advisors and even the HNMUN logistics team gathered at the Grand Ballroom (that has been hosting the DISEC committee) and danced the night away.


The delegation from Universidad Simón Bolivar, Venezuela.

Upon entering the International Bazaar and Cocktail hour, what was more noticeable were the tables that were positioned in the outside of the dance floor. Countries like Guatemala, Venezuela, China, Uzbekistan and Pakistan had set up a table and decorated with things from their countries, they were also giving food to try.  These varied from entrees to dessert or drinks (non-alcohol of course). From the Venezuelan table you could try some desserts called “Pirotines” and “Toronto”; and from the Pakistan table there was this rice with steak that is a typical Pakistani an entrée.

Furthermore, there was a band playing. The four people composing this band were all playing instruments and no one was singing, it was like an acapella session but with millions of delegates dancing to the beat of the song. For the delegates, this Bazaar was also the perfect opportunity to meet with their block and get to know each other better. Since many of the delegations come from different parts of the world, the idea of combining a cocktail hour with a global village and a social place was the best thing that happened tonight. You could see everybody with a smile on their faces, incredibly happy to meet news people and also take a little break from the exhausting committee.


The delegates participating in the United Nations Educational, Scientific, And Cultural Organization.

What I loved about this social event, was that even though this couples of days are stressful and difficult, you could see how everybody was so into having a little fun after a hard day. Somebody once said, “Time flies whether you are having fun or not. The choice is yours” ,and there is nothing more certain that yesterday night was a fun and memorable night for the people in the conference.


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